../../ Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Characteristics "Human Mind - Human Kind"

  • Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Characteristics "Human Mind - Human Kind"
  • Место проведения
  • Организации:Department of Psychology, University of Aarhus  
  • Дата проведения:
    15 — 18 августа 2007г.
  • Контакты:Anette Christensen: anette@psy.au.dk, phone 0045 8942 4934 Prof. Dr. Henrik Høgh-Olesen: h2o@psy.au.dk, phone 0045 8942 4943
  • Дополнителные сведения:Call for Papers.

Man is a primate. He is a tool-making, culture-creating ape, highly engaged in competition, cooperation, and communication with his fellow flock members, just as the rest of his relatives. But is he more than this? If so: What are the uniquely human behaviours, social practices, and psychological structures that make man particularly human? The special characteristics of the human mind, so to speak.

Relevant data and theoretical considerations from a broad range of sciences are piling up, contributing to the puzzle of what makes us human. This inter-disciplinary conference is being held to pick up the thread with regard to a general overview.

The programme committee invites researchers from various areas such as psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, archaeology, primatology, philosophy, and the scientific study of religion to submit their empirical or theoretical studies on these issues.

Proceedings will be published and a special anthology edited including keynote papers and chapters summing up the conclusions reached.

Constributions may take the form of a paper or a poster. Abstracts should be in English and approximately 500 words in length. A book of abstracts will be provided to all

A Paper should be limited to 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Please attach your paper abstract to this email: humankind.paper@psy.au.dk

Posters will be displayed during the conference. New researchers in particular are invited to share work-in-progress by means of a poster. Please attach your poster abstract to this email: humankind.abstract@psy.au.dk

Important dates:

1 January - 1 April 2007: Online submission of abstracts for papers and posters.

1 May 2007: Notification of acceptance (papers/posters).

1 June 2007: Deadline for registration.