../../ 4th International Conference "Human Being in Contemporary Philosophical Conceptions"

  • 4th International Conference "Human Being in Contemporary Philosophical Conceptions"
  • Место проведения Волгоград
  • Организации:Volgograd State University  
  • Дата проведения:
    28 — 31 мая 2007г.
  • Контакты:Vyacheslav Gulyaikhin: Tel.: +7 (8442) 40-5523, Fax: +7 (8442) 46-0279 Email: gulyaich@yandex.ru

Organizing Committee:

Oleg Inshakov (chairperson), Nikolay Omelchenko (co-chairperson), Viorel Guliciuc (co-chairperson, Suceava, Romania), Emilia Guliciuc (co-chairperson, Suceava, Romania), Alexander Chumakov (co- chairperson, Moscow).
Vyacheslav Gulyaikhin (secretary), Vassily Friauf (Saratov), Alexander Pigalev, Alexander Strizoe.

Steering Committee:

Jean Salem (co-chairperson, University of Sorbonne, Paris, France), Vladimir Mironov (co-chairperson, Moscow State University by the name of M.V. Lomonosov), Yury Solonin (co-chairperson, Saint Petersburg State University), Diab Al-Badayneh (Al-Tafielah, Jordan), Sabina Finaru (Suceava, Romania), Lorenzo Magnani (Pavia, Italy), Kolawole Ogundowole (Lagos, Nigeria), Kuruvilla Pandikattu (Pune, India), Jozef Siv=E1k (Bratislava, Slovakia), Robert Timko (Mansfield, USA), Joao Vila-Cha (Braga, Portugal).

Program Committee:

Nikolay Omelchenko (chairperson), Oscar Brenifier (Paris, France), Alexander Chumakov (Moscow), Vladimir Dobrenkov (Moscow), Vassily Friauf (Saratov), Viorel Guliciuc (Suceava, Romania), Emilia Guliciuc (Suceava, Romania), Boris Markov (Saint Petersburg), Alexander Pigalev.

The main topics for discussions:

  • Metaphysics and Philosophical Anthropology
  • Human Being in Social and Political Philosophy
  • Philosophical and Social/ Cultural Anthropologies
  • Man in the Circle of Existentialism
  • Philosophical Anthropology, Psychology, Psychoanalysis
  • Humankind, Information Society and High Technologies
  • Values of Modern Individuals
  • Globalization and Human Prospects
  • Philosophy of Man and Philosophy of Language
  • Humans in Communicative Environment
  • Phenomenology of Human Being
  • Philosophical Anthropology and Gender
  • An Heuristic Potential of Philosophical and Religious Anthropologies
  • New Approaches and Ideas in the Humanity Researches
  • Problems of Evolutional Anthropology
  • The Possibility of Integral Philosophy of Human Being

Two symposia are held within the framework of the conference.

The symposium "Mythology and the Human Images" is devoted to the 100-anniversary of the Romanian scholar Mircea Eliade.

The main topics for discussions:

  • Mythology and Anthropology
  • Experiences in the Mystic Light of M. Eliade (1907-1986)
  • The Phenomenon of Human Mind and Cosmos
  • Humans and Their Beliefs
  • Philosophical Anthropology and Yoga
  • Problems of the Changed States of Consciousness

The symposium "Metaphysics and Anthropology of Simeon Frank" is devoted to the 130-anniversary of the Russian thinker.

The main topics for discussions:

  • The Subject of Knowledge and the Unknowable of S.L. Frank (1877-1950)
  • Reality and Human Being
  • The Human Soul
  • The Spiritual Foundations of Society
  • Metaphysics and Ethics
  • The Predestination of Man and Meaning of Life

The working languages of the conference: Russian, English.

The organizing committee invites papers up to 5 pages. Texts should be typewritten in Times New Roman-14, 1,5-spaced. References are supposed to be listed at the end of the paper. The papers should be submitted both in hard and electronic versions.

The registration fee ($75) will enable to cover publishing expenses of the conference proceedings, rent of the conference rooms, translation services. The registration fees are payable upon arrival.

Deadline for the texts and registration forms is January 15, 2007.


Vyacheslav Gulyaikhin
School of Philosophy and Social Technologies
Volgograd State University
100 Universitetsky Prospect
Volgograd, 400062
Tel.: +7 (8442) 40-5523
Fax: +7 (8442) 46-0279
Email: gulyaich@yandex.ru

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