../../ 8th International AAGT Conference Dreaming the Future: Expanding our Consciousness through Gestalt Therapy

  • 8th International AAGT Conference Dreaming the Future: Expanding our Consciousness through Gestalt Therapy
  • Место проведения
  • Организации:The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT)  
  • Дата проведения:
    9 — 13 августа 2006г.
  • Контакты:Bea Mackay: bea@drbeamackay; Warren Weir: wbweir@telus.net 2006@g-gej.org
Conference attendees will participate in presentations of Gestalt colleagues from around the world: large groups, small groups, seminars, experiential workshops and process groups that meet throughout the conference. We have invited presentations from George & Judith Brown, Carl Hodges, Philip Lichtenberg, Erving Polster, Frank Staemmler, Ann Teachworth, and Gary Yontef. We will provide conversation hours with many of these people. We will dance, sing, and otherwise play. This conference, and pre-conference workshops, offer opportunities for personal growth, professional development, continuing education credit, and collegial support.

Keynote Speaker: Erving Polster

Date Pre-Conference Activities Facilitators Fee
Aug. 7, 6:30pm until
Aug. 9, 5pm
Gestalt Group Process Residential Peter Cole &
Daisy Reese
$200 + $300 (food & lodging)
Aug. 8, 9am - 9pm Gestalt Group Marathon Ansel Woldt & Tom Mraz $100
Aug. 9, 9am - 7:30pm Deepening Connections Brian & Jenny O'Neill $100
Aug. 9, 9am - 7:30pm Strangers on the Shore:
A Therapy Marathon
Sharon Warwick & Rob Tyson $100
Aug. 9, 9:30am - 3:30pm A Day of Dreaming Dolores Bate $50
Aug. 9, 8:30am - 12:30pm Resolving Unfinished Religious Business and other 'God Stuff' Philip Brownell $50
Aug. 9, 2pm - 6pm Adaption, Internal Criticism & Psychological Withdrawal: Psychotherapy of the Schizoid Process Richard Erskine $50

Come learn and play with us! Wrap a fantastic holiday around a fascinating Gestalt Conference at University of British Columbia. A Campus surrounded by sea and mountains, just 20 minutes from beautiful downtown Vancouver.
Registration Date AAGT Members Non-Members Students
Until April 30, 2006 $350 $400 $200
May 1 - June 15 2006 $400 $450 $200
All registrations past June 15
(including those at the door)
$450 $500 $200
Friday 5:30 - 10:30pm Harbor Cruise with Dinner $80 $80 $40

Hotel Reservation:
Conferences & Accommodation at UBC Reservations Office
5959 Student Union Blvd.
Vancouver, BC Canada, V6T 2C9

Phone: (604) 822-1000
Fax: (604) 822-1069

Great Accommodations! At Great Prices! Canadian Dollars!
Standard Single Room with Washroom, shared between 6 guests Ca$ 36.00
Premium Single Room with Telephone, TV in Common Lounge, and Washroom shared between 4 guests Ca$ 47.00
Studio Suite (1 twin bed) Ca$ 86.00
One-Bedroom Suite (1 queen bed) Ca$ 116.00
West Coast Suite (2 twin beds & 1 queen sofa- or Murphy-bed) Ca$ 129.00

Looking for a roommate? Contact: Bea Mackay, bea@drbeamackay.com

Work Study
$100 fee reduction for two 4-hour work shifts as a staff assistant (pre-conference excluded). Please contact Claire Bartram, clairebartram@blueyonder.co.uk

Please contact Bud Feder, bfeder@comcast.net

PS: Есть идея собрать желающих и вылететь организованной группой. По этому вопросу пишите на mail: e.kosheleva@mail.ru (Катерина).

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